You will not believe how good the burgers are here!!

Short Order Burger Co. makes burgers the way they should be – decadent and rich with juices running down your chin. Their menu is short and compact allowing them to focus on what makes their burgers out of this world… the beef!.

They make no apologies for cooking them medium rare, this rarity (excuse the pun) in burger making ensures the patty doesn’t dry out and allows the flavour of the meat to shine through.

This stella beef is complimented by a raft of additions which are showcased by the different menu items.  From their simply named ‘Cheese Burger’ to their ‘BBQ Bacon Cheese Burger’ Short Order has the burger to suit your addiction.

My favourite is the ‘Short Order Burger’ with

Short Order Burger
premium grass-fed beef, smoked mozzarella,
american cheddar, lettuce, tomato, pickles, mustard, ketchup and Short Order Sauce. It is mind-blowingly delicious – Short Order also offer an option to double your meat, could you ever say no? The burger is moist and rich with flavour, this is all soaked up by the light grilled brioche buns. I normally compliment it with a side of fries with siracha mayo.


Short Order Burger Co. is nestled in the back left corner of The Mantle – don’t be discouraged by the setting. It is BYO only which is always a plus and delivers some of the best burgers I have eaten in Aus. Be prepared for out of this world food and maybe some little beef sweats!!

We have a mild addiction to this place, so we may be biased but if you are in Freo Thus – Sun nights and you want to try something that will redefine your appreiation of the humble burger you’ve gotta check Short Order Burger Co. out!!

The Fremantle Food Trail Team

  • Venue: 6/10
  • Food 9.5/10
  • Service 9/10
  • Overall: 8/10 

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