Food… I challenge you to find something that universally defines yet divides us more.
The saying ‘you are what you eat’ could never be more true. Not in the sense, that physically you are what you eat, but in the sense that who you are, your experiences, your culture and your background all meld together to produce your own unique expectation of taste and culinary enjoyment. What appeals to you may revolt another.

You may be asking how does this relate to Fremantle? I’m glad you asked! Fremantle is a town of contradictions, obscene wealth is equally matched by terrible poverty. It is a town that prides itself on community and togetherness but is equally aloof and pretentious. It is gritty, grimy, hipster and polished. It is never quiet, nor dull yet never overly boisterous. Each of these contradictions mean that inevitably there is a place for all of us in Fremantle.

This diversity of people and thought has led to the development of a truly fantastic food and drink scene, of which I have had the privilege to sample extensively.

I want to throw back the curtains, open the blinds and shine a light on the emerging culinary and liquid gems in Fremantle. Hopefully along the way I can convince you to imbibe in a meal or three.

So come on a journey with me and I will guide along the Fremantle Food Trail!

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