IMG_6138.JPGThe Fremantle scene is a vibrant, ever changing environment where each area has its own quirks, street feel and depth of character. If you know where to look each presents unique and amazing opportunities for good food, easy drink and with the right company plenty of laughs along the way!Fremantle can be easily broken into four mini areas within the greater town, North Freo – North of Swan River, East Freo – Along the Southern Bank of the River, Freo – City Centre, and South Freo – South Street acts as border line delineating the two.

North Fremantle

North Fremantle is blessed by being  located between between the Indian Ocean and the Swan river, it is bounded to the south by the port of Fremantle and heavy industry and to the North by some of the most afluent suburbs in Perth. This juxtaposition has given rise to some fascinating cafes, eateries and pubs. This eclectic mix is no more evident than in the setup at Propeller. Propeller markets itself as an all day eatery setup in the bones of an old bus garage. The physical space brings you to your the North’s roots by incorporating custom fitted shipping containers into its kitchen design. My favourite, and a must for any avid gastronomic adventurer is Bib & Tucker. Perfectly positioned overlooking the Indian Ocean, Bib & Tucker provides a perfect setting from which to enjoy their mouthwatering eats. Other notable must try’s include Habitué, which combines fresh produce, Mediterranean cooking and warm, relaxed space to evoke a sense of family and connection. If a cafe vibe is what you’re seeking you can’t go past Short Black Sheep, with its spectacular caffeine fixes, sweet treats and fulfilling breakfasts it is a certain winner! For those burger aficionados amongst us, do not fear, you have not been forgotten! Mrs Brown has teamed up with Flipside Burgers to give you an experience you won’t soon forget!

East Fremantle

East Fremantle is situated along the southern bank of the Swan river. The area is characterised by workers cottage and brick and tile style homes. The architecture evokes a sense of nostalgia and an era past. This exposed brick style melds wonderfully well with the culinary offerings on show. Barque is a beautiful example of this matrimony. Located in a colonial homestead Barque takes you on a journey filled with spices from the east which are intertwined effortlessly with fresh Western Australian produce. Some other highlights include May Street Larder which prides itself on organic, raw, paleo and health-focussed foods and drink. George Street Quarters is another deli cum cafe cum wine bar who provides beautiful coffee in the morning and deliciously complex wine in the evening.


Fremantle is the gritty, grimy beating heart of town. From South Terrace  lined with long established eateries to the recent pop-ups and newly established wine bars, Fremantle has something to offer for everyone. I would encourage you to walk, breath and take in all it has to offer, sometimes the most unassuming places can offer the more wonderful experiences. I cannot hope to tell you about them all in this brief summary but I give you a few places I love to frequent. If Italian is close to your heart go no further than Gino’s Cafe & Trattoria. An institution in Fremantle it has operated for over three decades. The meals are traditional, with homemade pastas and sauces and portions sizes that are out of control! If a wine bar style is more your scene than look no further than Strange Company. On entering you eyes are immediately drawn to the clean lines, polished cement floor and purposely placed greenery. Offering an encompassing range of beer, wine and spirits this place goes further by specialising in eclectic and uncommon cocktails which are all perfectly compliment by its decadent and modern bar menu. Another favourite and just around the corner, is Bread in Common. Situated in a warehouse setting, Bread in Common prides itself on it community style dinging. Most plates are designed to be shared, the kitchen is open making it feel like you are part of the creation. Do not let this dining style deter you, the food is positively creationist, surprise lurk around each corner and your tastebuds won’t be disappointed. Lenny the Ox is a breakfast favourite of mine, offering great coffee and deliciously decadent toasties. If you are looking for some early morning sustenance, you will find no better. The final place I will mention, but by no means the last place you should visit is Who’s Your Mumma. Another wine bar cum gastropub, this place is unpretentious and inviting. The team behind the bar do everything from mix your favourite custom cocktail to preparing their tantalising food menu. It is further South (5-10min walk) than most places but is well worth the effort (even if it means you have to stay for a few).

South Fremantle

South Fremantle is hipster. Its cafe culture, boutique bars, mini-eateries and hole-in-the-wall bakeries scream if you’re not in the know you never will be. A tip, you really don’t need to stray from South Terrace. Little Lefroy’sOotong and Lincoln  and Roasting Warehouse are all reflective of the current breakfast trends. Each offering spectacular coffee options coupled with gourmet plates of breakfast food. A layover in any of these breakfast specialists will not disappoint. A few other unmissable include Percy Flint and Ruocco’s Pizzeria and Ristorante. Percy Flint is the new kid on the block offering boutique ales and a solid wine list, this new eatery invites you into its open air style dining with a menu to back it up. Conversely, Ruocco’s  opened in 1978 and has been serving pizza and pasta to the people of Fremantle ever since.

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